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Customize the garage packages 

Building a garage is a great way to not only increase the net worth of your home, but also to increase the storage space of the house. But there are many things, among which budget is the most important to create the garage. Many of the companies therefore come with many budget friendly garage packages that helps the customer build or reorganise their garage.

Here are some of the things that most standard garage packages include:

Trusses and wall stuffing

O.S.B. walls and roof searching

25 year fibre glass shingles

Pre finished soffit and fascia 

Steel Insulated roll up doors (or any other types of door as customised by the customer)

Steel Insulated walk in door ( or any other walk in door as customised by the customer)

PVC windows and hardware

Different types of builder's hardware. 

However there are things that are not included in Garage Packages which can be included as per client's requirements:

Different types of nails

Different types of vinyl sliding 

Different types of garage door openers

Triple garage door headers

35 and 40 years door shingles.

Insulation and drywall packages.

Different types of garage packages helps the garage owners build their dream garage. Garage prices can be customised to the budget of the customer. 

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